Real Estate Agent Search – Are You Feeling Lucky, Punk?

I’d like to take a minute to explain why your method of seaching and finding a real estate agent is so important to your success in a real estate transaction, whether selling a home, or buying one.

Real Estate Search PictureWith the incredible proliferation of real estate websites due to the BIG Business of real estate and lead sales, the clients are sometimes taken for granted and treated with little respect.

How, you ask?  I’m happy to explain… Websites like,,, etc., will spend countless dollars and effort to optimize their sites to rank highly for search terms such as “Corona Real Estate Agent“.  I use this term for explanation since you’ve likely reached this page/post by searching that term.

Once these BIG BOX websites secure the top spots in the search results for real estate agents in a specific city, they will then contact real estate agents and attempt to sell them a spot as the Go-To agent for that particular city.

In a nutshell, most of the websites you see at the top of a real estate agent search, will be these companies who are in business simply to generate you as a visitor and sell your information to the highest bidding broker or agent.

Why is this a bad thing, you ask?  Again, I’m happy to explain… It doesn’t take any expertise to pay top dollar to be listed as the exclusive agent contact for a city like Corona.  You don’t want an agent that has no other options but to pay for their ranking on the BIG BOX sites.  You want an agent who is an expert at what they do, namely, assisting home buyers and home sellers with excellent service and predictable results.  Our Corona Real Estate Agents and brokers are top shelf and we pride ourselves on providing spectacular service to our buyer and seller clientele.

If you’re looking for a real estate agent in Corona, California, we’d love the opportunity to speak with you about your plans and goals and will give you an honest assessment regarding your best course of action.  Our reputation and volume of business is sufficient and as such, we don’t need to pressure anyone into doing business with us.  If you like what we can offer you and you decide you’d like to hire us, we’re happy to hear it.  If we need to recommend that you wait, or go a different direction (such as home loan modification), our feelings won’t be hurt and we hope you’ll consider sending us referrals and call us when the time comes when you actually need a terrific real estate agent.

Are you ready to place your trust in a reputable, proven agent team?  Contact us today at 951-212-7479, or you can email us at

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