Low Income Housing – New Apartments Coming To Corona CA?

Don’t look now, but it appears the Corona city council is considering a proposal to add a complex of low income apartments to our beautiful city.  City hall is just south of the proposed location for the new complex (to be called Citrus Circle Apartments).  Fortunately for those of us fond of West, South, East, and North Corona, this new low income housing would be placed smack dab in the center of our downtown Corona area.

I’m all in favor of assisting low income people achieve a better life, but I don’t feel this city is fully equipped to handle the ramifications of a growing lower income demographic and creating more low income real estate will increase the number of low income residents.  As posted elsewhere on the internet, other nearby cities have a much larger infrastructure and better support systems for low income family assistance measures.

After reading that developer Barry Cottle claimed that the proposed low income apartments would be well maintained and further beautify the city, I got the idea that he was claiming the new development would looks something like this…low income housing corona ca
Unfortunately for Corona residents, if history is any indication of the future, it’s more likely that the new low income apartments in Corona will soon look like this…low income housing

I’m hoping that the city council takes a careful look at how our city can move forward in prosperity, and get together with other cities better suited for assisting low income families.  While I would like those in the low income demographic to be able to pick themselves up by the bootstraps and make a better life for themselves, it seems a foregone conclusion that more low income families in Corona will lead to higher crime rates, and lower school ratings (side note: I’m really not looking forward to any of our California Distinguished Schools getting downgraded due to the pie in the sky illusions that some of our residents may have that this complex will improve the living conditions of Corona residents.  When I lived in poor conditions earlier in my life, I worked extremely hard to improve my position so I could afford to move from the low income area… had I been assisted by something like what is being proposed, I might not have been as motivated to improve my status).

In the event that the city council decides to go forward with this plan, I’ve got my fingers crossed that the Citrus Circle Apartment experiment will be a bright spot in the center of Corona (I’m wincing as I type this because I know history isn’t with me in hopes for a low income housing jewel – typically, the wrought iron fences and coded gate entries aren’t for esthetics).

I have my doubts after seeing this experiment regularly go wrong in the past, I’ll once again do my best to be optimistic about low income apartments in Corona California.


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