Foothill Parkway Extension, Corona – Construction Progress Updates

The Foothill Parkway Extension project for the city of Corona sounded too good to be true.  Thanks to some perseverance over the past decade, the dream for many Corona residents is about to come true.

After years of working toward the funding of the Foothill Parkway Foothill Parkway Extension Mapextension, the Corona development team working on the project details fell short of their financial goals which would allow construction to move forward on the long anticipated extension from Green River Road (at Paseo Grande) to Foothill Parkway (west).   Earlier this month, the shortfall problem was solved when the city received an increased approval for funding from Riverside County Transportation Commission to $28 million which will cover the construction of the Foothill Expressway.

The two mile Corona Expressway will ease East-West commute traffic through Corona which typically moves along the 91 Freeway, or via Green River Road to Paseo Grande to Ontario Avenue (this route gets congested and frequently clogs city streets with commuters).  Providing the route south of the residential streets to south Corona will keep hundreds of Corona commuters from clogging up the interior streets making commutes faster and safer for the commuters and the residents of the city.  Additionally, the expressway is expected to cut up to 10 minutes from the Orange County to South Corona commute.

(It should be noted that many South Corona residents who live in the upper Border Avenue area are not happy with the Parkway / Expressway plans.  Many of those opposed think the increased traffic in their neighborhood will cause noise pollution and safety concerns.  Unfortunately for those residents, the wheels of progress roll on and the extension is on track.)

After receiving bids and readying a vote to accept a construction bid, the only delay holding up the vote was due to the funding shortfall.  Now that the funding for the extension (Corona Expressway) has been obtained, the city council is expected to vote on accepting a bid for work to begin.  Look for work to begin on the Foothill Parkway Extension soon after January 2014.

Contruction Updates:

Foothill-Extension-SignBeginning of construction area at the end of Green River Road near the intersection of Tanglewood Drive, looking east towards Paseo Grande (8/16/2014).  Construction has moved the existing lanes to the north to provide room needed to begin the expansion and feeder lanes to the 2 mile long Corona Expressway connector(aka Foothill Parkway).



Foothill Extension Update for 8.17.2014 – Corona Expressway.
Video taken of construction at the end of Green River Road in Corona.

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