Corona Real Estate Prices – California Pricing History

Corona Real Estate - Corona CaliforniaYes, I know you’ve been waiting for the home prices in Corona to hit the bottom of the market before buying a home.  It sounds like a fine idea.  I wish I could have done the same thing, but the problem I have is that I don’t have a crystal ball.

As pricing atrophied from 2007 through 2011, potential home buyers sat back and watched their buying power increase, and just like people waiting for the right time to buy a stock that’s on the way down, they didn’t see the bottom and they’re scrambling to get in before they get priced out of the market (for the second time since 2000).

Just to be clear… the bottom has come and gone in Corona, California and throughout most of California!  Prices are on the move (up) and showing no signs of slowing.  Couple this with the spectacular interest rates available on home loans for single family residences, and you get PANDEMONIUM.

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Corona Home Prices History California

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